Lisa Beebe

About Me

I live in Los Angeles, and I like it. I like talking to the ocean. I like pretending that I'm from the future, and that my hair is pink because it grew that way. I like my dog, Stitch, a one-eyed Maltese. I like writing, and I volunteer with WriteGirl on a regular basis.

I like Fingerbear. I like live music. I like playing my guitar (a very pretty Danelectro Dano Pro), and singing songs to my dog. I hope that someday, I'll be in a band that's not imaginary.

I like painting robots. I like swimming, especially the synchronized kind. I like old-timey 3D movies. I like high-tech art in low-tech places. I like people who use their creativity for good and not evil. I like people who are nice to me.

I like girls who kick ass and boys who are smart. I like playing outside. I like protecting the environment.

I like you. If you want, we can be friends on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, and Goodreads.

© Lisa Beebe